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’Naze Tower at 20′

Incredibly in 2024 we celebrate 20 years of the Naze Tower being open to the public as a heritage attraction – still standing tall! When we opened in 2004 the public had never been able to access this historic 86ft navigation mark or experience

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Completing the ‘Tall Tales’ project 

In 2022 we held a number of successful and fun public events as part of our ‘Tall Tales’ project including the Illustration Workshop and Naze Day. In 2023 we will be completing this project – new displays will be on show in the Tower

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Contribute to the ‘View from the Top’ room

The Autumn Exhibition which runs from 10th September – 31st October featuring over 20 East Anglian Artists over five floors is well worth a visit but also includes the ‘Tall Tales’ View from the Top – interpretation and engagement room. Artist Allan Drummond has

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Tall Tales

The Naze Tower has commissioned two of our region’s artists Allan Drummond and Richard Allen to work on two interpretation rooms at the Naze Tower . Allan is creating illustrative displays based on what you can see from the top today and in the

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301 Towers treasure hunt

Excited to announce that our celebratory treasure hunt will be taking place on Sat 21st August 10am – 5pm, come along and join in the fun!

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Celebrating 301 years of the Naze Tower

Last year the Naze Tower was 300 years old but we were not open so we put our birthday celebrations on hold. We will celebrate this year by having a room dedicated to the Tower and the Naze in our Summer and Autumn Exhibitions.

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