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Completing the ‘Tall Tales’ project 

In 2022 we held a number of successful and fun public events as part of our ‘Tall Tales’ project including the Illustration Workshop and Naze Day. In 2023 we will be completing this project – new displays will be on show in the Tower from the 9th September by two highly regarded artists from our region. Allan Drummond is creating illustrations based on what you can see from the top of the Tower today and in the past for the ‘View from the Top’ Room and for in the shelter outside the Tower. Richard Allen is illustrating the museum room with a contextualising history timeline of the Naze and the Tower from 50 million years ago to the present day. The geology and erosion of the Naze is also being illustrated. The plan is to then continue upgrading and adding to the museum information, images and objects. ‘Tall Tales’ has been funded with a grant from the Essex County Council Arts and Cultural Fund.

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