Naze at Risk

The coastal erosion continues apace and unhindered on much of The Naze. It is still at risk, the Naze Protection Society are relaunching themselves in 2021, please support their work and fundraising.

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The Naze Protection Society (NPS) is a registered charity that aims to promote and protect The Naze. Since the Naze Tower opened to the public in 2004 we have been working with the NPS to protect the Tower from the sea. Time was running out for the Tower, when it was built in 1720 it was ¼ mile inland but today it stands only 50 metres from the cliff edge. After 30 years of campaigning and fundraising the NPS achieved with the Naze Heritage Project the construction of Crag Walk thus saving a section of the Naze and the Tower from the sea.

The Naze Tower, Naze Protection Society, Essex Wildlife Trust (EWT), Tendring District Council (TDC), Essex County Council, Frinton and Walton Town Council and local landowners worked in partnership to secure a future for the Naze as a nationally important area for its heritage and wildlife.

The first phase of the Naze Heritage Project was to construct Crag Walk, which was completed in 2011. Following that, the aim of the Project was to improve the management of the Naze open space for the benefit of the heritage, wildlife, geological and education interest and to improve the facilities for local people and visitors. In 2014 TDC agreed to manage the Naze on a shared basis with EWT – the Naze Management Board was created.

The second phase was led by Essex Wildlife Trust. They secured a £1.14 million grant from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund to build the Naze Education & Visitor Centre which opened in 2016.


Crag Walk is a 110m educational public access and viewing platform that is sited along the beach in front of the southern end of the Naze cliffs. The walkway provides views of the cliffs, interpretation boards and public access at high and low tide. It also protects a section of the Naze public open space and the Naze Tower from the sea. 

Crag Walk took 6 months to build and was completed in April 2011. The project cost £1.2 million. Funds were secured by Tendring District (£500,000) via the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs –Pathfinder Fund, Essex County Council (£500,00) and the Naze Protection Society (£200,000).

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