The Naze

The Naze Tower is dramatically situated on cliffs at the Naze, an attractive natural headland stretching northwards from the seaside town of Walton-on-the-Naze into the North Sea. Derived from the old English word ‘naes’ meaning promontory or, more literally, nose, the Naze is a hidden gem where land meets sea. It is well known for the historic Naze Tower, its ancient fossils, the wildlife and its ongoing battle against the sea.

The Naze cliffs are designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to their geology. They are popular with fossil hunters as they are rich in fossils that are up to 55 million years old, such as fossilised wood, shells and sharks’ teeth.

The Naze is a popular ‘public open space’ which is well used for recreation and learning. There is a fossil sculpture trail and a WW2 trail on the Naze, find the boards with maps near the Tower. There is also the John Weston Nature Reserve and numerous walking options on the cliff top, the beach, out to Stone Point and on the public footpath along the sea wall around to Walton Backwaters there is the Wildlife trail. This large area of tidal creeks, islands and salt marsh behind the Naze is a National Nature Reserve and a RAMSAR site, internationally important as a wetland for birds. The author Arthur Ransome based the adventures in his book ‘Secret Water’ in this evocative landscape.

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