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’Naze Tower at 20′

Incredibly in 2024 we celebrate 20 years of the Naze Tower being open to the public as a heritage attraction – still standing tall! When we opened in 2004 the public had never been able to access this historic 86ft navigation mark or experience the breath taking views from the top. It is thanks to the support of the public and the love people have for the Tower and the Naze that we continue to be open.

All the exhibitions this year are bursting with talented artists from the region – the Tower will look amazing but in the Autumn we have a special celebratory ‘Naze Tower at 20’ exhibition which rounds up some of our very favourite artists, the best of our local artists and some interesting new artists from Beverley Jenkins who creates animal sculptures using willow and Sara Bannerman-Haig who has created drawings using the wind in the Backwaters!
 Any further celebratory events will be announced here and on social media. 

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